Many people have wondered about the fate of the Victorian house beside the Museum. Built in 1898 to house the Engineer for the Pumping Station and his family, the house was an integral part of the original site before it became residential accommodation.

Now, after almost 50 years, the Engineer’s House is being reunited with the Museum. We are restoring the house to its former glory, reclaiming the garden and creating an exciting new space for a range of museum-related activities. We are very grateful to Cambridge City Council for making the house and garden available to the museum and granting us planning permission for change of use to museum activities

As funding is still being raised for the new visitors centre and cafe on the main museum site (where there is a temporary Welcome Hut), the house will host the museum cafe/bar in the short term. The Othersyde will be operating museum-themed escape games and running the cafe/bar. The house and garden will also help in hosting a wide range of museum-related events and activities.