Dixsha chose to use the water depth recorder as the inspiration for her small and medium projects. The water depth recorder, kept as part of the museum's collection, was used daily when the pumping station was functional to record the depth of the water in the well. The depth would be recorded onto chart paper, with one page being used for each day of recordings. 

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Dixsha Rudhun - Small Project -18.jpg

Dixsha decided to use the movement of water as the basis for her small project, proposing to make a series of 'water steps' at the entrance to the main engine room. The idea is that people would step onto a board which would move down on a spring mechanism causing water to be pushed through a pipe and into an illuminated water tank. This fun interaction would bring the functionality of the water depth recorder to life, making it a more memorable object within the museum.  

Dixsha Rudhun - Small Project -23.jpg

The interactive activity would act as a threshold to the main engine room, peaking interest at the point of entry into it, and being a fun activity for children to enjoy before they move on with the rest of the exhibition. 

Dixsha Rudhun - Small Project -27.jpg

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